Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Knitting another prayer shawl.

At the beginning of our Prayer Shawl Ministry season this fall (no meetings during the summer), I began making a shawl with a navy blue yarn.  As I do need new glasses, I found it hard to see the stitches well enough to feel comfortable.  The day after that meeting, I ripped the navy out and began using a reddish color called Rouge which is much easier to work with.  The pattern design is basket weave (k4, p4 across x 4 rows, then p4, k4 across.  This one is nearly half done and should be finished by the early November meeting.

Last week, my friend Pat and I went to Hobby Lobby where I purchased several skeins of their "I Love This Yarn" worsted acrylic.  It is SO soft and makes up nicely.  Will choose one of the colorways I bought (several contrasting colors).

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

Pictures of prayer shawls made this year........

I made these earlier this year but was unable to post them a while ago.  Trying again.......

I used yarn from the stash at the church for our group.  Fun to make and it used up lots of leftovers.

The green variegated yarn shawl was made with yarn that I had on hand.
 The blue shawl is made from yarn I found on sale!

 The off white crochet is from my own stash as well as the yellow one below.

Finally, I was able to post these pictures!

Most recent prayer shawl

A close friend recently was found to have breast cancer mets to the brain requiring surgery and gamma knife treatments.  I decided to make her a prayer shawl.  Its in the mail now and I hope she enjoys this shawl and that it brings her a lot of comfort.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Prayer Shawl update........Oct 3rd.......

This morning, I attended the first fall gathering of the Prayer Shawl Ministry.  There were three new ladies in attendance....actually we had quite a turn-out.  Its always fun chatting with the friends I've made.  Today, I dropped off three prayer shawls.....a wine colored 3 corner shawl, a pink and white rectangular shawl and one which was left over from late spring which I finished over the summer....it was with a green variegated yarn by Vanna (Lion brand) which was also rectangular and I had added rows of black yarn between the green and also around the edges of the whole piece.

Today, I worked on a navy blue crochet shawl which I just began.

Although I took pictures of the shawls, I still am unable to post photos online since getting a new computer in early Sept.  Hopefully, I will get this problem solved soon!