Monday, February 27, 2012

Everything cream...................

This is really strange, I'm thinking......... You'll see what I mean when I post a few more pictures of ongoing projects. I always have a knitted dishcloth on the needles...that much is a given. I haven't worked on the current one lately. You've seen the crochet shell shawl I'm making for myself. Recently,I began a cream potato chip scarf for myself. I also began knitting a cream prayer shawl (seed stitch)! With all this cream going on, maybe I need some color!!!??? But, thats enough projects at one time for me. Once I finish one of these, I'll begin something in living color!

The prayer shawl is on the front of it is the scarf, then the dishcloth and the shell shawl.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Finished prayer shawl..........

This piece measures about 15x60". I love the softness of this yarn and hope the recipient will enjoy wearing this cozy shawl.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sun. Feb19th

The basketweave shawl will be finished very soon.....I'm using the last skein of yarn now.

The next shawl I create will be totally different as I need a change. Thinking, thinking, thinking........

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shawl progress...........

I've been knitting a shawl for the shawl ministry, so not spending much time on the crochet one for myself.

The yarn used here is by Loops & Threads (have not used this before), color name is Sage Butter Ombre. It feels very soft and smooth. When this piece is finished, I'll make a small swatch and toss it into the laundry to see how it looks and feels then.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A shawl for myself ...........

For a long time, I've thought about making myself a shawl and as I wanted a slight break from knitting, I chose a pattern from a crochet book which was for an afghan.  I simply began with half the required stitches and did a few rows last night.  I'm loving this!  The yarn is so soft and cuddly and the shells are so easy.

Here's a couple pictures...... the first is a close-up view so you can see the stitches.  The second is how it's going to look.  I have much more to do!

Finished shawls and another............

These are the two prayer shawls I made recently for the Prayer Shawl Ministry I am a part of.  I hope they bring much comfort to the recipients.

Although this is a bright sunny day, the colors are off........the blue shawl is much more vibrant.  The yellow is much lighter than it should be.  Well, you get the idea anyway, I hope!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Prayer Shawl Ministry

To date, I've made one shawl (yellow, triangular) and have nearly finished a rectangular blue one using a blackberry stitch.  When I finish the blue one, will photograph both and post here. 

The next shawl is also going to be an elongated one as I've found that they finish up faster.  Lots of colors to choose from in my stash, but I think I'll probably choose off white.

Have a great weekend!