Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thurs. December 12th, 2013

Its been a while before I've posted on my blogs......While I have taken pictures of most of the prayer shawls I've made over the past few months, our camera will not upload to the computer........we need to get a new camera. 

The prayer shawl ministry I belong to doesn't meet during the summertime, although I did make a couple of shawls to contribute.  Then, I went on to make a few scarves and hats to be donated to someone in need.  As it has been quite cold, I'm sure the recipients will be happy to have them.  So, for a while each day, I work on a knitted shawl, then change over to an in progress scarf.  Hope to have at least one of these finished to take to the meeting next week!  

It is such a joy to meet with the women in the prayer shawl group!  I totally enjoy being with them and chatting while knitting.

Hubby and I need to finish Christmas shopping for our family, so hopefully we can get some done tomorrow as a snow storm is expected Saturday.

Keep warm if you're in an area where its cold!   BRRRR!