Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weds. Prayer Shawl Ministry gathering

What a fun time at today's gathering!  It's always nice to see what the other ladies have made and today's creations are all SO pretty...I wanted to make each one, but that's hardly possible......too many projects, not enough time!  

While there, I worked on my newest project....a scrappy shawl with yarn I'd found in the donation drawers/boxes a while back.  Will take a picture soon.  There is a dark green with flecks of other colors, like peach, a bit of dusty burnt orange and yellow..  So, after the green strip (about 4" deep), I added another 4" or so deep section with the dusty burnt orange color, then a peach about 2" deep.  I'll continue on in this manner.  Oh, and each section is made of different patterns.....garter st., blackberry st. and seed st.

Have fun knitting and/or crocheting!

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