Wednesday, March 28, 2012

MS Awareness Scarf

My daughter Debbi has had MS for several years.  Recently, she asked if I'd make her a scarf like she had seen online.  It took me a while to find orange yarn (yes the MS awareness color is orange!) was made by Red Heart (called Red Heart Soft).  The color name is Tangerine.  

Luckily I purchased two skeins as the first skein I began using was in a huge snarl.....taking nearly two hours to get nowhere near being able to use it!  After that, I decided to wait.  Then I began this past weekend, knitting about 7" long, but I decide it was much too wide and just wouldn't look good. Ripping it out (unripping?), I began knitting again last night and so far, so good.

You must be wondering where the "ribbon" is.  Well, I am making the ribbons (one for each end) separately, maybe in knit or maybe in crochet.  We shall see.  So, stay tuned for future updates and pictures!


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