Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blanket of squares...........

I made this cozy warm blanket/throw a few years ago... Most evenings while watching t.v., I knit squares of different colors and designs. After accumulating about 50, I crochet two rows around each one in the same color (usually dark), then sew them together. Currently, I'm making one for our living room in shades of green, cream and a little brown. They will be bordered with a very dark navy. At the same time, I'm making another one in many bright colors which will be a gift.

Knitting is such a relaxing passtime and brings me such peace!

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  1. Hi Karen, it's me from K&C! I just love looking at your Blanket Of Squares and I can't wait to see the new one you are working on because it sounds like my colors. :)

    I also love how portable this project is and a great way to be a good steward with my leftover yarn! :)

    Knitting brings me such peace too even when my hands are hurting. :)

    Happy knitting Karen.